Need a place to stay in Venice?!

Need a place to stay in Venice?!

If you want to live a dream in Venice for a few days (like for a wedding or romantic weekend): Stay at Hotel Danieli. I have traveled 42 countries in the world but I have never stayed in a hotel like that. In Febuary 2010 I stayed in the Danieli for three nights and it was such a soul comforting experience that I am still smiling when I think about it. The suite was breathtakingly beautiful with view over the Canal and bacino, the interior tasteful, the service impeccable, the food absolutely delicious but the best: Non of the people who work there were nice – ALL of them (even the chambermaids) were SO ABSOLUTELY friendly, helpful, supportive and kind that is was pure soul pampering. It felt like having a warm cashmere blanket wrapped around one the whole time. I can only say thank you and a big compliment to the Danieli for making guests feel so welcome and taken care of. They really know how to make every second there precious and worth every penny without overdoing it. It was an impeccable experience I can only recommend.

But if you want to stay in Venice and watch your budget, one of the best things you can do is to stay in a bed & breakfast location. First you can be in contact with the locals – who can give you great tips about anything you need. Secondly you can be responsible for your own food – especially having just antipasti from the supermarket plus some pasta (most apartments are self-catering and have a kitchenette); way cheaper than in restaurants and usually much better (apart from the non-tourist, hard to find, get-a-table-in-a-few-days-reservation local places). Third you can save money and the best part: feel like you actually live in Venice instead of the usual hotel-atmosphere.

One of the best places to look for a bed and breakfast location is at Vacanze in Famiglia. If you have any questions, you can ask Morena – she will help you with all your questions you might have. We have booked there for every stay during the last years. They have places that suit all your demands at very good rates.

A B&B I can highly recommend is my friend Maria’s (she is a TV chef on RAI I and has a cooking school together with her beautiful B&B Calle del Forno, she also gave me the honor to wear my “Regina della cucina”- costume of 2009 which placed second in the competition) place. She rents out three beautiful double rooms in her place in San Polo (for those who know Donna Leon’s Commissario Brunetti: Leon named that very house as the address where Brunetti lives) at a very good price and makes fantastic big breakfast and is a very warm hearted person and miraculous cook! If you want to learn how to cook the Venetian way…go and stay and study with Maria.