Golden Treasure

2013 – Golden Treasure

About This Project

After I had started with the white dresses I found an old curtain (again…) on the flea market. I saw the golden things on it and was reminded of treasures. And since Sophia is my most precious and loves jewellery, I thought being a treasure would be fun. And it also has room for a huuuge wig with tons of jewellery etc.

The wig was 2 kilos heavy and is about 50cm tall. Usually that is a real challenge to wear and a sure bet for headaches after half an hour. I dunno how I did it, but this wig is exceptionally comfy to wear. No headaches but of course a bit work to balance and tilting the head is almost impossible. But some of my old wigs are worse. So it was fun wearing it.

Sophia had her first real crinoline with the dresses of this year. I got it made from an old craftsman in the countryside, made of willow branches. Very lightweight and still very stable. Maybe I should get the big ones made like that, too…

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