La storia del carnevale

2014 – La storia del carnevale

About This Project

“La storia del carnevale- 1.0” This costume tells the long story of the Venetian carnival with dates (on the back train) and figurines through the times. The transparency of the dress symbolizes the insight view that is given to the audience by letting them see the core, the true inside of a typical carnival high time dress. The cage sewing doll is the “backbone” of the dress, since dresses are made on dolls, I turned the inside out. So the idea is a dress that shows everything that usually is hidden from the viewer, the whole story and the way the costume is made. In the wig you can find a burning candle that hints to the time that is flying, burning down. The peacock feathers at the sides are fans that can be taken down to play for the fotographers. Basically a deconstruction of the beauty. My gentleman wears also a tailor doll made of wire and has a see through window at the back and a tutu under the jacket. The masks are made of lace and rhinestones.


March 02, 2014

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