Luna Park

2008 – Winner – Luna Park

About This Project

Winners 2008!!! I cannot believe that we won again. It was a dream come true. And Luna Park was a dream. I have to admit just partly mine. After we had won the contest 2007 we went on the cruise we got as the 1st prize. It left from Genova and a friend of mine (with whom I travelled around the world 15 years ago) happend to live there. We stayed with Jacqui and Gene from Ireland and talked about a lot of things all night long, also the Carnevale. Next morning Jacqui told me that she had had a dream of a dress that had something to do with a fairground. As soon as she said it the ideas in my head exploded and I knew: I HAD to make it. Even if it was November already and I was short of time anyway. The idea did not let me go again. So as soon as we came back to Hamburg, I raided my attic for fabric etc. First I wanted to just make a tent-like skirt. That was too boring I thought so I came up with the inbound shape. Then I wanted to use pictures of old carussell horses. But flat horses did not trigger me. So I bought a barbie horse and made 5 paper mache copies of it and decorated them. Then I thought: it needs a Venetian backdrop and found a wrapping paper with a Venetian skyline in my collection of beautiful papers. Walter, my copygod, blew it up on a copymachine and printed it on fabric. In December I got a gingerbread tin in shape of a merry-go-round with music from my boss who went to Nuremberg to the Christmas market. So I also converted this to a big ferriswheel that turned on my wig. Funny detail: when I quickly turned my head to the side it wound the clock in the tin and the thing started turning and making music. Then I thought to have a partner would be nice and Gene agreed to walk with me in the show. So I also made the costume for him. The threeface as a mask was perfect for the costume having expressions one usually sees on a fairground.

Originally I wanted Jacqui to wear the costume together with Gene. But then the competition suddenly had a pre-selection and we had to go in. On that day I had the costume on so we decided to stick with the combination.

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