Paper dolls

2013 – Paper Dolls

About This Project

2013 was a very special carnival for me: Just me and my daughter (then 6 y.o.). We had a great Mom and daughter time. She was the director and decided how long and if and when we went in costume. She also inspired me to this paperdoll costume. Firstly, she desired a white dress!!!! (they played a lot of wedding games at pre-school) and her toy paperdolls. I found some books with paerdolls for adults and in one of them Marie Antoinette and her fashion minister Rose Bertin. Perfect to decorate our dresses. The wigs, masks and fans were also paper cut outs. Good for my daughter cas at age 6 no one likes to wear a huge beehive wig, 18th century style.

We had so much fun and my little one also wanted to go on stage and compeet. But I said no. One little round and then we left. No hour long standing and waiting. Instead we had fun playing in the strees and having pizza al volo.


March 02, 2012

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