Costume and wig rental

My attic is full of beautiful costumes (about 40), wig-sculptures and accessories that want to be worn by people with dreams and immagination  or be shown in exhibitions! So if you’d like to walk around in one of my beautiful creations or use them for exhibition, contact me and we will see if we can dress you up in a dream.


You can choose from almost all costumes of my past 15 years of creating award winning robes and wigs.


My costumes are usually scalable from a German 36 to 42/44. Male costumes are around suit size 48-50.


The wigs are a bit scalable, about two sizes around a headcircumfence of 57/58 cms, max 60 cm. They have to fit tight due to the height, but are very easy to put on and also comparatively comfortable. Custommade wigs and costumes personally made for you are also possible (but a question of time, according to time slots in my work schedule which is usually more busy from September to March). But when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask.