Zoo of Venice

2012 – Zoo of Venice

About This Project

The Zoo was inspired by a pop-up book I found on…the flea market. Actually it were two books, the same once in postcard size the second A4. It showed scenes from an old zoo, several layers of paper with animals, fences and figurines. Then I saw some animal figurines in my daughters room and her plush animals (no, I did not take her toys, I bought new ones). So I made me into a walking zoo. I liked the idea cause on the old paintings of Pietro Longhi one can see the old tradition to display animals in the Venitian Carnival. I thought it was an appropriate costume.

As every year we made it to the final-final. I did not wanna go this year but Wolfgang – it was his second carnival – did. We got three white masks, highest vote of the jury. Not bad for a costume that was put together in about two weeks after giving birth to my son and of course being busy taking care of him day and night. My original plan was to finish the costume the eight weeks before birth but since there were complications I had to stay in bed the last weeks before so no costume making. But the people in the streets of Venice adored the costume. Oh, the mask this time was different: It was made of photocopies and directly glued on my face. Very convenient. Which I cannot say about the wig: It was very heavy and high. At the end I had a huge bump on my forehead which lasted a whole week.


March 01, 2012

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