2007 – Winner – Montgolfiera

About This Project

My first winner for the international contest “La piu bella maschera del carnevale di Venezia” “Best costume of the Venetian Carnival”. After being pregnant in 2006, having my daughter in December I felt a bit like a balloon. So I came up with the perfect costume for that: a hot air balloon. I always loved the old paintings of the balloons of the brothers Montgolfier. The fabric with the golden ornaments I found in a store in Venice once, the basket is half of our laundry basket at home (the other part is still in use next to my washing machine) and the hairy balloon is a Chinese lantern.

Sophia, two months old in carnival, still today says “Mama” when she sees a foto of that. Seems like she has good memories of her first Carnevale di Venezia.

2008 - Fotografo del Carnevale
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