Fotografo del Carnevale

2008 – Fotografo del Carnevale

About This Project

The photographer is a bow to my husband. He always has the delemma that he – passionate for photography – would love to take fotos and at the same time wear a costume. Which usually is mission impossible. So I came up with the idea of “The photographer of the Carnival” as a costume. In the old school box camera Tobias had his fat digital Nikon. So he was able to take fotos while he was being photographed. The costume was bright blue because it is Tobi’s favourite colour and the top hat we took cause it would be impossible to use the camera with a tricorno and also when box cameras where in use it was more the time of top hats. In the golden frames on the jacket I put fotos of the last years of our costumes. The blue velvet really shone nicely in the sunshine.

2008 - Sensation of Music
2007 - Winner - Montgolfiera
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