2008 - Casino

2008 – Casino

About This Project

I love play-cards. I wanted to make a costumes with about ten decks I bought on our China trip some years ago. But I thought just Poker would be too boring and then thought that a roulette table would make a nice skirt. So I went to our Casino in Hamburg and asked if they would have an old roulette table cloth for me. They were so kind to even give me a new table cloth from their stock and also two hands full of old jetons. Also they gave me a guided tour of their place and some background information on card games and roulette.

Since Venice has one of the oldest Casinos in the world the whole theme also goes very well with the Venetian Carnival I think. To do some research I also went to the old and beautiful casino in Venice. Very impressive rooms and the old men gambling there are also worth having a look at.

On the parade my dear friend Jacqui from Ireland wore the costume and she did a very great job being Miss Casino.

P.S.: Funny note at the side: Do you know that “casino” in Italian also means “to make a mess” or “brothel” depending on the intonation? Well, I also learned that when my Italian friends started laughing about me  🙂

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