Coming to Venice 2013

Coming to Venice 2013

Dear friends all over the world,

just a few days left until Carnevale 2013. This year our whole little family will travel to Italy again to celebrate the beautiful carnvival of Venice. The boys will take it slow and we girls (my daughter and I) will be in town for the days around the peak weekend which will be early (9th & 10th of febuary) this year. So keep your fingers crossed for good, dry and not too cold weather for us, we might need it.

Sophia and I will wear two different, stunning dresses throughout the days and also take some time to enjoy the children’s carnival by the Biennale at Giardini and hopefully find some interesting and inspiring work shops etc. for Sophia.

So if you see some dolled up mother and daughter and golden treasures walking around, it might be us. Don’t hesitate so say “hello” to us.

Ci vediamo a Venezia, Tanja

Update Feb. 04: I was on TV! Click on the image to start the video.