News update 2014

News update 2014

Dear friends all over the world,

just a few days left until I’m heading for Venice for the 15th year. This time I will be filmed by German TV ZDF for “Hallo Deutschland Mondän”. The TV people will follow me through Venice visiting my favourite places like Pasticceria Rizzardini, my hairdresser Michele Doardo (whose Banquet “The other side of the mask” I will attend on the 2nd of March, a few tickets still available), Caffé Florian for a delicious breakfast, etc.. Watch it on German TV ZDF of February 27th or 28th between 5 and 6 in the evening.

And I am going to attend the luxurious banquet “Best of Ballo del Doge” by the famous Antonia Sautter (who will be in the same film from ZDF). I was asked to wear one of her costumes, which is a first for me since I never wore somebody else’s costume in Venice before.

Another first for me: I will be having an exhibition of ten of my costumes (1st till 9th of March) plus being walking act the weekend after Venice (8th and 9th of March) at a big fair in Kassel, Germany. Here you can see my costumes being displayed the first time in an exhibition.

But first is not only for me in 2014: I am delighted to welcome my friend Beat from Basel, Switzerland, to be my gentlemen in costume. Beat some years ago invited me to the great Basel Fasnacht and now it is his turn to discover the Venetian Carnival.

This year in general will bring a lot of changes for me as a costume maker. My passion, my second life, will after March become my profession. After 14 years of working for the German political magazine DER SPIEGEL I decided to change my worklife to about 180 degrees: I am happy and lucky to have a chance to now broaden my creative work and add a lot of projects I have been thinking about for years. So after having a look at this year’s costume collection (most photos will be out by the end of March) it is worth taking more looks at this page through 2014.

Be curious for all the creative aspects I will unfold after March (can’t wait!!!). Lot’s of interesting things to come! Promised.

This year I will also spend more time on good photography during the carnival which I have not done that much during the last years. Most likely I will not take part in the competition and spend more time with photographers and the audience. Hope to meet you in the calle and piazze in Venice. Give me a hello when you see me and hope to see you in Carnevale (I will be in Venice from the 21st of Febuary till the 5th of March). I will check facebook and emails frequently. If you want to contact me, feel free to send me a message.

Ci vediamo a Venezia ed buon Carnevale!!!!