Costume rental

Costume rental

After 15 years as a passionate amateur costume maker, in 2014 I am becoming a professional costume artist. So from now on I am very delighted to rent out all my costumes and wigs on stock (check the gallery for pictures) and also take requests to make costumes for customers and give workshops in how to learn my unusual techniques. If you are interested in renting any of my costumes, wig-sculptures or art pieces, feel free to  contact me.

Please keep in mind that shortly before carnival it might be difficult to arrange a rental since it needs time to chose and ship one. So please give me notice a bit ahead.

All my ladies costumes are scalable for + or – 3-4 sizes around the German/European size 40. My shoes usually have 39 (European) if you would need other sizes, let me know, I can create some additional ones in short time.

The gentlemen are usually made for size 32/33 jeans size (pants) and a 48/50/52 for the justeaucorps. Shoes are a 42. Bigges sizes I can do, but need a bit of time to do them.

So if you ponder to rent something, let me know early so we have enough time for arrangements.

And if you have any questions: Just ask! And: I also do wedding dresses 😉