World of Costumes sculpture-wigs are on sale in Venice!!!!

World of Costumes sculpture-wigs are on sale in Venice!!!!

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Finally my hair-sculptures are on sale in Venice at “Atelier Marega” (link) & “Casin dei Nobili”, San Barnaba, Venice, Italy.

Last Carnevale I made a few wigs for the banquet “L’altro lato della maschera” for a hairdresser in Venice. My wigs were used as decoration for the banquet but unfortunately our cooperation did not work out well.

But now I have found some trustworthy partners in Venice. Atelier Marega, which has four shops altrough Venice and a great online store (link). And also Stefano and Valentina who own one of the most wonderful mask shops in Venice with stunningly beautiful handcrafted masks by Stefano who is a great artist and mask maker. I adore his works which are presented in the miraculous shop with a little garden.

An enchanted place for my enchanted wig-sculptures of “The white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland”


2014-02-11 11.11.43

or a tower of hair crowned by a cage

2014-02-11 22.53.43

which can be filled with a peacock or whatever one wants to present (it is changable) or a black classical barocco wig surrounded by butterflies. Check the wig section here on the site for more pictures or stop by “Casin dei Nobili” (Link & Adresse) when you visit Venice.

If you are interested to having me create a wig specially made for YOU, contact me and we will see together how to make your dream become a real treasure for your head.