Time to pack the crates for Carnevale 2016

Time to pack the crates for Carnevale 2016

Dear friends from all over the world!

It is time to pack for Venice. Crates are not closed…but it looks like more than 60 kilos for 6 costumes this year.

We, my two small kids, husband and I will walk in a bright, colourful, very funny and entertaining group costume – dedicated to my little son, who was the inspiration for the theme, since it is his first Carnevale – in the first week. I will stay from January 26th to Febuary 10th.

If you see me/us in the streets, say hello, we can take a picture together.

I would also like to announce another big project for 2016: I will finally make a beautiful costume/story book you can buy for Christmas 2016!!! About 150 pages filled with stunning fotos of 17 years of my costume art and portraits also of other protagonists of the Venetian carnival. I did some deep research with famous historians on the historic and modern carnival and will also tell stories from behind the scenes of how passionate costume people experience the carnival.

It will be a beautiful book and project that cannot be done without a little help from my friends – YOU!!! I will start a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, most likely in April, to raise the funds to print a really good book you will like to have in your hands & shelves.

Please support me on this with the Kickstarter campaign (I promise to offer good, personal and interesting  deals !!!) or also by sending in fotos from my costumes you might have from years back or even this year. Just send them to me and your work might be printed on nice paper in the book, too. Please send to this address: TheBook@worldofcostumes.com

So, that’s it for now, see you in Venice!!!! Buon carnevale a tutti! Tanja