2000 – Violet

About This Project

This costume had at least the shape of a dress. Not really 18th century, but a dress. And it had the first crinoline I made. The basic shape I still use today but of course improved the whole thing quite some.

Actually this costume did not even have a name. It was just big and colourful. Also I did not really have a mask. In that year I also made a dress for one of my collegues. But that lady couldn’t bear to walk in costume through the crowds and took the dress off after an hour. Well, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. The third girl on the picture was a girl we met on the trip. She said she would have loved to also have a costume. So I took apart the headpiece (it looked like a house of a snail) I had made for my dress and made a Cul de Paris for her. I always loved (and still do!) to share my costumes with others Lächeln

Wedding dresses
Cottus, exhibition at “Lausitz Park” Mall 2015