Dueface Arlechine

2005 – Arlechina & Arlechino & Colombina & Dottore

About This Project

The two-face costumes refer to my favourite Commedia dell’Arte drawings of Maurice Sand (son of the writer George Sand) from the 19th century. In front are two harlekins, male & female, on her back the character of the Columbina, the witty, a bit simple female caracter of the old Italian theatre tradition, on his back the Dottore delle peste. I like the idea of the perspective of the passersby who from both sides have something to see. The crinoline is the same as of the  “La Fenice” costume and has a diametre of 2 metres to the sides and 1,5m to the back and is made of willow branches by an old craftsman here in the countryside of northern Germany. The dress and suit of the harlekins are hand painted.

2005 - La Fenice
2004 - Cioccolati