Treface trasparente

2006 – Treface trasparente

About This Project

Once I wanted to make a transparent costume (well, cannot get anough of those so this was my very first). On the flea market I found an old florentine (special kind of lace) curtain. To make it more fun, I put a lot of tiny bells under the skirt so with every move it was making sounds. It is not the biggest bummer costume, but it was quite delicate and I liked it just for the fun of it. And I think it is very fotogenic since it is a very playful costume with the “treface”, a mask with three faces that always irritates people since they cannot see in which direction I am looking.

PS: The crinoline actually was a very bad try. By that time I hed not really figured it out to build crinolines MY WAY. Today I would use the wooden crinoline from 2014 for it.

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