Queen of Diamonds

2001 – Queen of Diamonds

About This Project

The red dress with the diamonds was another early step to making a “real” dress. The top was still very simple and the shape really lacked quality. But it was an improvement to the first two costumes. And it at least had a bigger headpiece. Problem with that was that the base was made of paper. So it shrunk so much within a year that it was impossible to wear it. Also the base was not flexible at all so it hurt a lot and was hard as stone.

The dress was covered with hand painted diamonds and about 500 handmade bows. Then I thought it would be nice to decorate the lines between the diamonds with glitter powder. It took a lot longer to put the powder on then to make the rest of the dress. But the feedback to this dress was already good. The first photographers asked me to meet for a special fotosession.

This dress actually does not exsist anymore. Some rats in the basement of our former apartment made a nest in the storage box in the middle of the dress. So it is wasted forever.

2003 - Teatro all'interno
1999 - Astro blue