Henry VIII. & the wives

2011 – Henry VIII. & the wives

About This Project

Well, this costume was not my passion. But since I love to go to the banquets of the atelier of Raffaele and Francesco (Atelier Pietro Longhi) and the two masters strictly asked for historical costumes of the 16th century, I had to obey and did a couple in the style I feel completely weird in (I am a child of the 18th century!). I think it was ok and looked good and we had a great evening at the ballo, but I really love my other dresses better.
A friend of Sisa, who went with me this year, spontanously wore the costume on the peak day Sunday and also ended up in the final (even though the jury had said before no one who did not do the pre-selection would be allowed in the final….yeah, right!) on the big stage.
For the banquet I even put wax on my eyebrows (which stayed for the rest of the carnival) to get that “naked make-up look”. It was fun. We had such a good laugh on Tobi’s “eggholder” thing between the legs. It really looked odd…but that was fashion back then.
The green velvet was an old curtain, the golden fabric we bought in 2006 in India when we were travelling. I thought the wig looked like a teapotwarmer but still it was fun doing it with the “scorpio tail” at the back. I even bought a hairdressers manual for the exact style. And look at Tobis “duck shoes” 😉 hillarious!

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