Roi e Reine de Soleil

2010 – Roi e Reine de Soleil

About This Project

The Sun King and Queen were just made for a banquet we were invited to. It was not supposed to go to the show. The dress was a banquet gown without my ususal theme-style since our host announced the banquet to be a strictly historical event. But I could not resist to at least give it a little twinkle thing. The headpiece was customized to the theme of the evening “Sun King – Louis XIV.”, it carries the original sun that you can find in Versailles. And also the little puppets on strings had the faces of the “current Sun King” Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni. And the bit showy dress of course was well received on the historical banquet and the tourist-banquet we went to sponsored by German TV.

On the headpiece I made a big hair wheel resembling a sun garnished with the Versailles sun. For the costume-pros I have to admit that I cheated a bit. The shape of the costume was obviously 18th century. Not 17th as it should have been. But I LOVE the 18th and Raffaele was so kind to tolerate my belated style. But at least the puppets had the “right” period dress on.

2010 three of my dresses got lost on the flight to Venice. So after the banquet my friend Daniela (who were supposed to wear the Queen of Jeans) wore the golden dress for the rest of the carnival. The other dresses arrived the day after the carnival had finished. Dani also went to the show and reached the final. But she had a really hard time. That year it was very cold (around zero celsius) and the dress was shoulder free. And the wig was made for me – her head is a few centimetres bigger than mine so she suffered a LOT. Same with the shoes.
In general we switched the dresses around that year with all friends who wanted to wear something. That is why we have so many different fotos. For the Family Tree I even took the male costume for a day 🙂

Sophia also had a matching golden dress, but we have no foto of that unfortunately. When the big dress was standing around in our apartment Sophia said she wanted a dress with a lot of glitz and blitz. She helped me to pick the rhinestones and to glue them on. And she loved her little golden fan which she used a lot sitting in the window of the Florian waving gracefully at the passersby.

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