La bella peste

2015 – La bella peste seducente

About This Project

“The beautiful seducing plague of Venice” refers to the long story of Venice, beauty, seduction, death and decay. Elements of all of it as well as a hint to the famous courtisanes from former centuries and the myth that carnival was always used for seduction, intrigues and shamelessness combine in this strange, dark and touching costume. No one was not puzzeled in one way or the other by this dress. The skirt as an independent sculpture, not as usual a fabric hanger with all the details and elegant lace on top of it was stunning and striking as many people told me. The Medico mask I made of the same lace as found on corset and skirt. Depending on the angle it was possible to see through it and get an idea of my face. Impossible to eat and drink with it, I made a beautiful make-up every day to be able to take the mask off in style. The wig was decorated with a campanile tower and tricorno made of hair, same as the curls. The laceskull was illuminated and the gondoliere and the angel were skeletons. The handwarmer was the Medico delle peste again, reference to the Commedia dell’Arte. I had three pairs of shoes for it. One heelless “Lady Gaga” style. To walkt hours in those, across the bridges and uneven stones was hard. But all for the beauty, right?

Kassel Frühjahrsausstellung 2014 & 2015
2015 - Winner - La cucina Venexiana - La Regina della cucina
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