La cucina

2015 – Winner – La cucina Venexiana – La Regina della cucina

About This Project

My 2015 winner!!!! For the fourth time one of my costumes won one of the grand prizes of the jury (this year “best in theme”). And I am very happy about it. Since this was the first time, I brought a costume twice. The Regina is originally from 2009 (read the story and details in the other section of this website), but I HAD to bring her again, since this year the theme of the carnival “Carnival of good taste” was too perfect to not give her another chance since being in the finale 2009 (I won with the “Marco Polo” back then). The inspiration to the very Venetian dress was my good friend Maria, my kitchen goddess. And since it was a couple costume and I was alone and also wanted to wear the “Bella Peste”, my dear friends Monica and Leo from my circle of friends in Vicenza wore the costume for me. And what a great job they did!!!! Thank you for ever, my dears!

2015 - La bella peste seducente
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“Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel-Ball” at Moritzburg