2022 – In love with the Danieli – 200 years of the Danieli hotel

About This Project

I had the honor and pleasure to have been invited to make a signature carnival costume dress for the Venetian icon and luxury Hotel Danieli’s 200th anniversary. The dress is inaugurated during this carnevale and will stay and tell the story of the Danieli at the hotel for the entire celebration year.

After four months of intense research and more than 300 hrs of production time and handcraft work in Venice and Hamburg, the dress is ready to be seen and worn at the Venetian carnival 2022.

The dress has a wide palette of details about the Danieli’s history and was made of the finest fabric of the honorable Bevilaqua house in Venice, lace from Martina Vidal, Burano, an exclusive boutique for Venice’s finest lace, glass pearls from Murano found at Marisa Convento:s little pearl store in Dorsoduro. Masks are artisan work by Casin dei Nobili and Tragicomica, some of the best mask shops in town. The whole project is full of love, details, history and superb crafts(wo)menship. It portrays the aspects of history, architecture, art and luxury hospitality and tells the story of its guests as well as staff I talked to.

After doing this project I am even more “In love with the Danieli” than I was before, being friends with the house for more than 10 years. And I hope you will enjoy discovering the details in the wig (a couple dining in the Terrazza restaurant) and the dress. Find the pictures of celebrities who stayed at the Danieli, find the little hidden things used in the hotel (key pendants, soap wrapper, etc.), see the list of important events on the back. There is so much to enjoy and discover on this dress and the Danieli if you get a chance to stay there.

I will be out in the costume during the carnival weeks and there is a perfect occasion, actually 5 to meet me in costume, take pictures with me and ask questions.

A meet and greet at the famous and stunning, multi award winning Bar Dandolo at the Danieli on February 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th and 27th from 17.30 to 20.30. I would be delighted to see you there and chat. Open to public, Green pass required. Dress Code: casual elegant or costume

Here is the link to the documentation I wrote about everything:

On the Thursday the 24th of February starting at 18 o’clock for exactly 23 hours till Fridayday, 25th 17 o’clock it is possible to vote online on the official website of the Carnival of Venice www.carnevaledivenezia.it for this costume at the official competition for the “Best costume of Carnevale di Venezia” of this year’s carnival. Please support me! It is not about the vanity of having won, the more important thing is: it opens doors for me as an artist to be recognized with my special kind of art and do projects I would not get without the “fame”. So with voting for my art you don’t tickle my ego, you support me to enable even bigger and better art things and making people happy with it.
Thank you so much for supporting me. Let’s make the world a bit happier!

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