2022 – The arsenal of weapons in the battle against Covid

About This Project

We all are tired of two years of the Covid pandemic. Our souls cry and suffer, our creativity and social life is held hostage. But to pull it through and to survive this safely, we need to be prepared and use the simple weapons we have at hand.

The weapons are:

  • creativity (doing carnival, not as excessively but still creative and with joy but also attention and sensible behavior)
  • love
  • protection (vaccination, masks and sanitizers)
  • attention (tests)
  • disinfection (strong alcohol)
  • self medication (if one really gets annoyed and desperate)
  • distance (the scepter with a meter)
  • pronto soccorso (hospitals)
  • doctors and nurses (because they help us to survive when things really are hitting hard)
  • and on the back (the heart): patience
  • and a bit of shaking things off as well as ironic humor (the Venetian treface mask symbolizes fear, anger and sadness)

The black mourning ribbon reminds of our soul that is suffering (this is also good for the creativity that is damaged and put into prison through the pandemic)

The little viruses are 3 D printed by my lovely husband Tobias Schulz-Hess, thanks love!

The mask is a classical Dottore della Peste in a new interpretation in lace, but with an KN 95 mask under it, the plague doctor….so I am here to ease your pain.

So, all of you carnival lovers: Enjoy, have fun, stay careful and sensible and at a healthy distance. Our time to party hard will come back, maybe in 2023 but now we can all have a bit of beauty, freedom and togetherness – safely. I am going to wear a KN95 mask under the mask. Won’t show with the dottoressa della peste. Buon carnevale a tutti, Tanja

PS: And if you see the costume worn by a MAN, don’t be surprised. He is entitled to do that, well, since I cannot wear two costumes at the same time and it would be a shame letting it sit in the room. Costumes need to be out in the air as much as possible, I am sharing this costume with my Venetian friend Tobia Dall’Osto who will have fun strolling through Venice with it and bringing it to life.

On the 21st of February starting at 18 o’clock for exactly 23 hours till Tuesday, 22nd 17 o’clock it is possible to vote online on the official website of the Carnival of Venice www.carnevaledivenezia.it for this costume at the official competition for the “Best costume of Carnevale di Venezia” of this year’s carnival. Please support me! It is not about the vanity of having won, the more important thing is: it opens doors for me as an artist to be recognized with my special kind of art and do projects I would not get without the “fame”. So with voting for my art you don’t tickle my ego, you support me to enable even bigger and better art things and making people happy with it.
Thank you so much for supporting me. Let’s make the world a bit happier!


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